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Truck and Earthmoving Continental Tyres Specialists

Our qualified and experienced staff can assist you with industry advice and in finding a winning solution for all Continental Tyres requirement, every time.

D.C.Tyres is a customer driven enterprise committed to honesty, integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction. We are well known in the heavy duty Continental tyres industry for our professionalism and superior service levels.

Services We Offer For Your Continental Tyres

We focus on providing you with quality products and services, as well as reducing your cost on tyre expenditure and saving you money by optimizing solutions for what we call “The Five Tyre Thieves” that rob your pocket:

• Tyre pressure

• Mismatched tyres

• Mechanical wear

• Wrong tread application

• Tyre overloading

We Also Supply


Diverse Services:

Various other services are available to clients upon request, including:

• Free of charge fitting of retread and second-hand tyres supplied by D.C Tyres

• Collection and delivery

• Scrap tyre analysis on monthly basis

• Breakdown services

• If required we make trained staff available to stay on your site to handle all tyre requirements.

Contact us now for mutually beneficial truck and earthmoving tyre service relationship.