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The Retreading Process

worn casing of a tyre that has a good structural quality is taken off the car and is given renewed tread and sidewall rubber. The revamped tyre is then put through a curing process that causes the new rubber to vulcanise to the original casing. The result is a new tyre with a new tread pattern.

Are retreaded tires good?

Retreading tires is economical and environmentally friendly. Plus, retread tire quality is now better than ever. With new tire retreading tools and manufacturing methods, retread tires have improved significantly in recent years and are a viable option for fleet tires, truck tires, airline tires, and more.

How long do retreaded tires last?

between three and four years

The Lifetime Value of a Retread Tire

A new tire will last between three and four years, when driven 12,000 to 15,000 miles annually. With proper maintenance and care, a typical retread tire will last same of a comparable brand new tire.