Choosing the Right Earth Mover OTR Tyres

Earth moving equipment is specialized and expensive, and it requires good quality off-the-road (OTR) tyres to ensure the lowest possible operating costs and highest possible uptime.

While all OTR tyres need to be tough, they are certainly not all the same.

Since they are used in numerous environments for a lot of different industries, it is vital that the OTR tyres you have fitted meet the needs of the task, whether its earth moving, construction, road works, forestry, mining or handling goods in a port. At the same time, while the requirements of specific OTR tyres vary according to industry applications, there are some common prerequisites to take into consideration, including durability, reliability, stability, robustness and traction.

Additionally, you need to consider tyre size, including the overall dimensions, as well as the structure of the casing, tread depth, pattern and wear capabilities. Bead shape, load and speed capacities, cut puncture and rolling resistance, as well as flotation and sidewall protectors are also important.

Generic Types of OTR Tyres for an Earth Mover

The two basic types of tyre are bias and radial. Both types are available for OTR earth moving equipment, although radial tyres are generally more popular.

Bias Tyres

Bias tyres are made from overlapping rubber plies that are designed to create a layer that is thick and inflexible. They can carry heavier loads than radial tyres – which can be useful moving earth – but they can be less stable, particularly around corners. Also higher friction tends to result in faster wear as well as higher fuel consumption.

Radial Tyres

Radial tyres are based on a newer concept and made so that the tread and sidewall are not solid, but rather work independently of each other. Originally developed by Michelin, they have better traction and a longer life. There is considerably less potential damage from the ground because of greater shock absorption, and this translates to lower maintenance for earth moving equipment. Operator comfort is better, and productivity is greater with less fuel consumption than when bias tyres are used.

Different OTR Tyre Brands

Many owners and earth mover operators will continue to use whatever brand of OTR tyre came with the machine. But this isn't a necessity. There are a number of brands on the market from various major manufacturers based in different parts of the world.

If you aren't sure which OTR Earth Mover tyres to choose for your equipment, it's advisable to get advice from the experts. We are just a call away or can be contacted online.

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