We give tyre advice on correct application, cost effectiveness and supply.
We supply multi brand tyres at competitive prices:

• In different sizes
• Directly imported tyres
• Local tyre brands available if preferred.

How do you break in new tyres?

How do I break in new tires? Focus on easy, gentle driving – smooth acceleration, braking, and cornering – for the first 500 miles. This will safely prep your tires for regular performance. After this amount of use, lubricants and other substances used in the manufacturing process will have completely worn off.

How fast can you drive on New tyres?

To remove these holes and properly prepare the surface for day-to-day driving, we suggest tyres should be run in for the first 150 to 200 miles at medium speed on dry roads. All while avoiding sharp cornering and hard braking.

What to know about buying tyres?

Check your owner's manual to find the recommended tyre for your car. The manufacturer will identify the right size, speed rating and load rating. The brand of tyre is generally left up to you, but it is best to ensure your two front tyres are of the same brand, and the two rear tyres are the same.