Tractor Tyres

Tractor tyres are designed to do hard work, and they don't come cheap. As such, you'll want to avoid the costly mistake of picking the wrong ones for your tractor. Having tyres that properly fit your tractor and the environment of where they will be used ensures your machine's ability to run smoothly while efficiently and safely completing a given task. However, with a wide range of tire choices available, selecting the ideal set for your needs can get complicated. Here's a quick rundown of the different types of tractor tyres and how they operate.

4 Kinds of Tractor Tyres & How They Work

1. Agricultural Tyres

Also known as “ag tyres,” these tractor tyres have diagonal treads, which are angled at 45 degrees. The treads provide maximum traction and allow the tractor to move quickly through mud and soil. Their relatively small sidewalls minimize loping and swaying, allowing the tractor to travel at high speeds while pulling heavy farming equipment.

2. Turf Tyres

These tyres are explicitly designed for lawns and grass surfaces. They have shallow treads that reduce the potential for soil compaction, allowing grass roots to breathe. The lack of tread bars also lets the vehicle float over lawns smoothly while causing minimal damage to the turf.

3. Construction Tyres

These tractor tyres is essentially an integration of features found on agricultural and turf tyres. Wide and balloon-like in their composition, construction tyres have a deeper tread and are designed for optimal performance on the hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and gravel. Their ability to effectively manage these terrain types is why these tyres can often be found at construction sites.

4. Industrial Tyres

The traction tread bars on industrial tyres are shallower and often wider than that of field tyres, yet more pronounced than on turf tyres. This is because this type of tire is designed to grip different types of surfaces, making them more versatile. They also tend to be stiffer and more resistant to punctures than other tire types.

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