We supply all size tyres for the following vehicles and purposes:

• Truck tyres, new, second hand and retreads
• Earthmoving tyres, new and second-hand
• OTR Tyres, new and second-hand
• Tractor, bobcat, skid steer and forklift tyres
• New and second-hand earthmover and truck rims available
• Foam filling of tyres
• Refurbished and repaired rim supply.

What are the raw materials of tyres?

The main raw materials for tyre are rubber (natural or synthetic), carbon black, nylon tyre cord and rubber chemicals. Except natural rubber, the costs of all other raw materials in tyre production are related to crude oil prices.

What is the source of tyre?

natural rubber

Traditionally, it came from Hevea trees. These trees, originally from Brazil, require a hot, damp environment to thrive, and this is why most natural rubber comes from countries such as India, as they have the right climate to grow the tree. Natural car tyre rubber is created by tapping Hevea trees.