Tyre Repairs

If you notice that one of your tyres is deflating faster than usual, we recommend getting it checked out by a trained professional immediately. Driving on an underinflated tyre is not only dangerous, but it can also cause further damage to the tyre. Our expert team at DC Tyres will first do a thorough inspection of your tyre to identify the problem before recommending repairing or replacing it.

It is important for effective and reliable tyre repairs that they are performed in accordance to this standard.

The most common damage to tyres is without a doubt tread puncture, which will statistically occur approximately every 100,000km.

Injuries to tyres can be classified into major and minor tyre repairs; minor tyre repairs consist of damage limited to rubber only or tread punctures to a maximum size of between 6 – 10mm, depending on the tyre classification. These types of tyre damage can be repaired using minor tyre repair methodology as per the South African Standard.

Where tyre damage exceeds these limits, then damage will be classified as major damage requiring a different tyre repair methodology to be applied.

Punctures in tubeless tyres must only be repaired by fitting a vulcanized plug or patch from the inside of the tyre. In all cases the tyre must be removed from the rim to check for internal damage. Plugs that are fitted from the outside do not provide a permanent tyre repair. Tyre repairs are only allowed in the tread area and are best performed by a reputable tyre repair dealer.

How long should tyres last?

Too many factors affect tread wear rates to allow an accurate answer to this question.

Some, such as “enthusiastic” driving styles, high speed operation and cornering, harsh braking and hard acceleration will be influenced by the driver. But factors like road surface, climatic conditions and tyre and vehicle design aren't.

When is a tyre worn out?

Remember also that cuts or other damage can render a tyres road worth as well.

Can a tyre be too old?

Some good guidelines to repair:

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